Friday, 30 October 2015

high five for friday

Happy Friday, dudes!
How has your week been? Mine's been good apart from the cray traffic that my city has been experiencing this week; seriously I've never seen anything like it. Our usual 40 minute commute has been taking over an hour and I don't like it :(

So, I'm soooooo glad it's finally Friday!

1 | Hubs & I had a lovely weekend.

2 | It was my 31st birthday on Monday and after a long, slow day at work, I came home, put on my pjs and chilled out while Hubs made us some dinner. 
It was a pretty perfect evening.

3 | Supernatural had a great episode this week, from the perspective of the third main character of the show, the brothers' car, affectionately known as Baby :)

4 | On Wednesday night, I got to attend a press event for work and dragged Hubby along for the ride; a local company was showcasing their new season homewares, so I thought we'd get some inspiration for the new house, which thankfully we did. We were also given a goody bag each, which contained some cool bits and pieces...

5 | We've got some furniture shopping planned for tomorrow, as well as a roast dinner at my parents' house planned for Sunday; it's another busy weekend with not much time at home, but it should be fun. I have to confess, I am super looking forward to next weekend where we have a whole weekend at home planned - it sounds like utter bliss!

Whatever you're up to this weekend, have a good one!

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