Wednesday, 21 October 2015

birthday wish

There are just five days until my birthday.
I'll be 31 years old. 

This time last year I did many-a-blog-post about my impending birthday milestone, but this year it doesn't seem so momentous. 

I guess it's not.

I had planned to do a birthday wish list post this year, but having just moved into a gorgeous new home, and having treated myself (at hubby's insistence) to a Mulberry handbag, there isn't a great deal I want. 

I need some new black ankle boots for work for the winter and I could also do with a new cream/white jumper as my current one is looking very tired and bobbley, but other than that, there's nothing I want or need.

I guess you know you're getting older (and wiser) when you don't really need to wait for birthdays to enjoy new things, or to buy things for the sake of it.

The past 12 months since turning 30 have been awesome, so my birthday wish for 2015 is that the next 12 months are just as fun-filled, family-centric and leave me feeling content with my life and the woman I am.

Happy hump Back to the Future day!

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