Friday, 25 September 2015

thoughts on moving

Today, Hubby and I move into our new house. 
We've lived in our current home for almost eight years; that's a huge chunk of time,
and of our relationship, in fact it's our entire marriage!

People have asked me how I feel about leaving our first home to move into a new build and I'm not too sure what to tell them. I'm not to sure how honest I can be. Today, on the day we finally move out, I'm going to be completely honest with you...
This is the house we're moving from; it's an ex-local authority home built in 1930.
In the almost eight years we've lived in this house, we've been burgled twice, had our car broken in to and had a neighbour's car come crashing through our front garden wall, at 6am on a Bank Holiday Sunday, while Hubs was away on a Scout camp, I might add. We've also struggled with noisy neighbours; two brothers who play their music so loud ornaments in our home vibrate! I can honestly say, this house has never really been a home. 

We moved in in October 2007 and our first burglary took place in July 2008; the second in February 2010. The second was worse than the first. Ok, so the first happened whilst we were in bed asleep upstairs, but the second took place when we were out at work. The scumbags who broke in, in broad daylight through a kitchen window, had as long as they liked to go through all our worldly possessions and they made a right mess. They took things of monetary and sentimental value, things that were irreplaceable; they trashed rooms and left both of us feeling totally unsafe in the one place on earth that we were supposed to feel safest. If you've never been a victim of burglary, I hope you never experience it because it truly leaves its mark; over five years later and I still always lock the door whenever I'm home alone. I hate spending the night alone, and I am fearful every time we leave the house. That being said, we did have a monitored alarm fitted after the second burglary and it has provided some sense of security, but nothing will ever erase the trauma we've experienced in this house. 

I think life here changed dramatically after that 2010 break-in; I think that's the point I can say we both stopped loving this house. 

I remember the day we got the keys to this house. We got a phone call about 11am to say we could collect them and our excitement was palpable. Hubs collected the keys on his lunch break and we both finished work at 4pm to go straight to the house - as we were living with parents, we decided to take two weeks to do up some rooms and then move in, on my 23rd birthday. We arrived at the house around 4:30pm and the lady who lived here before us was still moving out. Every single room still had stuff in! We were devastated. We decided to go back to my parents house for some food and return later with some things to move in. 

We returned about 9pm at night and she was STILL there. My mum was with us this time and she was furious. It turns out that the lady had been told that we'd be moving in the following day, something that had not been agreed. I actually broke down. I remember Hubs and I hiding in the upstairs bedroom, listening to the argument developing between the previous owner and my mum and I wished with all my might that she would just leave. She did. But there was this awful smell, which later turned out to be animal urine (she had a cat and a dog) and the front door was so damaged that we could only lock it from the inside. I climbed into bed that night emotionally exhausted and cried! I guess getting my own home hadn't been the fairy-tale I'd imagined. 

The following day, we ripped up carpets, and underlay because the pee had soaked through to floorboards, and began ripping off wallpaper and scrubbing every last inch of the place. When we moved in two weeks later I felt happier about the house; the day we got the keys had been so awful for me that I was worried I would always hate the place, but after two weeks of hard graft, I was beginning to fall in love with her again. That lasted about nine months, until the first break-in.

Sadly, we couldn't afford to move, because, trust me, if we could have afforded it before now, I would have. So, long story short, no I'm not sad about moving; I'm not sad to be leaving this house behind, because for such a long time I've not wanted to live here. 

Moving is a new chapter, a chapter which will hopefully include much less trauma and distress and much more laughter and happiness. I'm so thankful to have my gorgeous guy by my side through thick and thin because I honestly would not have got through any of this without him; he is truly my partner, my equal and my best friend!
And surely there's nothing better than moving house on your wedding anniversary!

Have a great weekend, 
but please bare with me over the next couple of weeks as I have no idea when I'll have time/internet to blog.


  1. We had our house broken into while I was in Hawaii - my Dad got very ill just after we arrived and needed major surgery, and the house break in was just the icing on the cake for that week.

    We also got a monitored alarm which calls us if it goes off *and* we went another step further - cctv cameras which we can view on our phone if we're out, plus when we are here I have them right next to me on my tablet - any noise and I can just glance over to see what it was. I'm really glad we had them installed - not just for security reasons but because I had no idea just how many animals - mostly cats but birds and other wildlife as well - visited us on a daily basis.

    At night the cameras go to infrared, so any warm, living things show up quite vividly. I remember sitting here one night and I watched this black cat roam around our property. It decided to scent up one of the doormats and spent a good 20 minutes rolling around on it. The next day our cats spent a lot of time sniffing that doormat.

    I think it cost us maybe $200 to buy the system. The other half is handy and he installed it himself.

    A break in is an awful experience and I am not sure one ever recovers totally from it. May your new home be break-in free and may the burglars experience terrible karma forever! I hope the move goes well and will look forward to reading about it. :)

  2. I'm so excited that the day has finally come for y'all to move into your new home. Moving is stressful and lots of work but I know that you'll be way happier!! xoxox

  3. It isn't easy leaving a home that you have a real personal connection and history with. You must remember, you will make new memories in your new home and think of your first house fondly. I can understand that the break ins would have shaken you up, it is very unsettling living in a property after being a victim of crime.

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

  4. I can understand why you're not sad about moving to a new house. It looks like there are more bad memories attached to the house than good, from trouble with the previous owner to the burglaries. I hope your new home will create nothing but good memories for you and your husband. Starting a new chapter sounds like a great way to spend your wedding anniversary.