Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tea Talk v.3

If you came round to my house today, I would offer you something to warm your bones on this autumnal Wednesday; I'd ask you to excuse the array of boxes cluttering up the place, ask you to tell me about your life and what you've been up to lately. I'd listen intently as you told me everything that's happening with you and when you asked me about my life, I'd tell you...

  • Things are all go with the house move; we've had our official moving date and IT'S NEXT FRIDAY! I cannot wait; it feels like it's taken us so long to get to this point and it still doesn't feel totally real, but I'm sure when we're sat around the table eating a fish 'n' chips supper out of the paper feeling absolutely exhausted from spending the day moving and we're surrounded by boxes, it'll hit us... and we'll want to burst with excitement!
  • Speaking of our new house, we got to have another look around on Sunday and this time there were no workmen or tools lying around and it was simply beautiful. I think we both fell in love all over again.
  • I've been so slack with this here blog in recent weeks, mainly because I've been so busy boxing things up, selling stuff, organising the move and getting ready to thrown bits out... and that looks set to continue, so please bare with me over the next couple of weeks as I prepare to move all my worldly possessions from one area of the county to another. I am sure that as the year draws to a close I'll share some snaps of our new home with you and I may even treat you to a 'Home Tour' #officialblogger
  • The weather recently has been shocking; regular readers will know that September is my favourite month of the year, but the downpours we've endured in recent days have been horrific! What's up with that, Mother Nature; where's the charming and comforting autumnal sunshine gone? I want it back, please. #thanks
  • I've got a stinking cold :( It came on yesterday but I've woken up today feeling even worse and sounding awful. It's come at the worse possible time because I have stuff I need to get done in the house ready for the big move, but last night all I did was curl up on the sofa and watch TV. I hope I'm feeling better by the weekend!

Happy Hump Day, blogland!

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