Thursday, 3 September 2015

Focus: month eight

Happy Friday-eve, Blogland!
I'm so thankful that it's September (my favourite time of year). Autumn is on the horizon, Hubs and I will celebrate five years of wedded bliss later this month and, all being well, we will also move house!

At the beginning of 2015, instead of making a New Year's Resolution I wouldn't keep, I decided instead to focus; I'd pick one goal each month and stick to it. So far so good; well, that is, until now...

At the beginning on August I said "I've decided that my Focus Goal is going to be organise in order to remain focused on the move, which is set for September; I need to inform a ton of people/organisations that we're moving."

This has not gone so well. It was only last week that I realised I've only told our alarm company that we're moving - opps! So, I started by making a list of all the companies that we need to tell and set about working my way through it.

So far, I've emailed to transfer our TV License.
I've cancelled our boiler cover.
I've also taken meter readings and am going to call our supplier at lunchtime to get the ball rolling.
I'm also going to cancel my gym membership either later today or tomorrow because I can do it online.

But that's all I've done. The bank/credit card and O2 can wait until we've moved, so I'm not too stressed about them. I think Hubs and I are planning to sort loads of stuff out at the weekend within the house so that might be a great time to do anything we can do regarding letting people know who need to know, because I'm sure there must be a way to let the water board and the council tax know online.

At the beginning on August I also said:
"I need to continue packing"

"I'd like to do a car boot at the end of the month" 
We got rid of two thirds of our stuff and made a solid profit of £60 :)

"and I need to prepare myself mentally for the upheaval that I'm certain moving will be, despite my excitement!" 
I'm not sure how I could even do this. How do you mentally prepare to pack up all your belongings and move? I mean, I'm super excited but I've never moved a three bedroom house before, so I know my stress levels on the day will be through the roof. Although as I typed that sentence out, it occurred to me that it could be all smooth sailing on our part as long as we're organised and have everything ready when the moving truck pulls up... so that's my plan, again! To be organised and to get organised so that I can enjoy moving house and starting this new chapter in our lives.

Next time I do one of these posts, I will hopefully have moved!
So, until then :)

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