Wednesday, 9 September 2015

autumn is on its way...

I'm not especially crafty, but I do like to have a go at making the odd thing, 
especially if it's pretty simple.
This gorgeous autumn garland is as simple as can be and pretty cheap to make. Not only that but it looks great and you can put it just about anywhere; on a mirror (like me), on a fireplace or even across a photo frame! The possibilities are endless.

You will need: leaf template (print out in two different sizes), different coloured felt 
(red, brown, green & yellow), string, mini pegs, pins, red embroidery thread, a needle and scissors.
Step 1: Cut out the leaf templates and pin them to your chosen felt. Cut them out. 
Repeat this process until you have approx. 20 leaves.
Step 2: Using and embroidery thread, stitch veins onto each leaf, using a simple running stitch.
Step 3: Arrange your leaves along your length of string and peg.
Step 4: Hang and admire your handy work :)

I love it! It feels so very autumnal :)

**This post originally appeared on this blog in October 2013, 
but I love this garland so much I've decided to bring it back :)**

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  1. What a great idea for autumn! I have already have a ton of felt, and have been trying to find some autumn craft ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Nicole. I hope you do have a go at making this because it is super easy and looks cool! x

  2. Not crafty? These are great! If only it was cold enough around here to inspire me to decorate for fall. Then I would try to make these for sure. They're so cute!

    1. Ah, thanks Devon; I'll do my best to send some of Britain's autumnal weather your way! x