Friday, 28 August 2015

high five for friday

Happy Friday, peeps!
How's your week been? 
 Cup of Tea
Mine's been pretty good - quite often I struggle to think of five highlights but this week is overflowing
(despite the fact I've not blogged so far this week and it's Friday, sorry #musttryharder)... 

1 | Got my boy back from his week-long Scout Camp on Saturday and he returned with a new friend for me from his day trip to Woburn Safari Park; everyone, meet Sid the Giraffe :)

2 | Hubs and I enjoyed a spontaneous date night on Monday, which all started with Debenhams having up to 60% off sofas. We ventured into town to have a look but didn't end up buying a sofa and instead I treated myself to a new waterproof coat and Hubs bought some new trainers. We then headed to Nando's for dinner :)

3 | To continue the trend of eating out on school work nights, I caught up with my bestie (who I've not seen since May!) on Tuesday night; we enjoyed some delicious tapas and caught up on the past few months. Hopefully we won't leave it quite so long next time!

4 | I can barely contain my excitement for this next highlight, which has actually yet to happen; later today, at approximately 3pm, Hubs and I are going to see the inside of our new home for the first time ever - EEEKK!!
Our new house, as it was on Monday 10th August :)
It's not 100% finished, but we will get a great sense of the space we're buying and how we might live in it; I could literally burst with excitement.

5 | It's a three-day weekend (and we all know they're the best kind), so Hubs and I have a car boot, house shopping and family time planned; I'm gonna enjoy every second.

Have a good one, whatever you do!

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  1. yayyy blogging!! K nando's is SO yummy, I gotta say haha good choice! And that is so exciting you get to see the inside of your new house!! Have a great weekend :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants