Monday, 3 August 2015

Focus: month seven

Happy Monday, blogland.
Today, I'm writing this post from my living room because I am officially off work for two weeks :)
It's hardly a sanctuary though, as I am surrounded by boxes.

Boxes that are packed ready for the move, empty boxes yet to be filled with possessions and boxes that are filled with stuff to be donated, car booted or sold on eBay. Decluttering has been a success!

Before my July Focus Goal officially began I'd already:
  • given away some old bedding via Freecycle
  • sold two items (a desk and office chair) on eBay
  • sorted out a bunch of paperwork and recycled five bags worth of papers we didn't need and shredded a further three
  • took three bags of clothes to Cash 4 Clothes
  • thrown away old costume jewellery I no longer wear
  • condensed Hubby's camping gear

This month I have:
  • thrown away all my university work and Tom's NVQ work
  • shredded more unwanted paperwork
  • took bedding and more clothes to Cash 4 Clothes
  • cleared out the DVD cupboard and filled a box to send to Music Magpie
  • cleared out our CDs and filled a box to send to Music Magpie
  • sorted out bedroom cupboards
  • sorted out under the bed in the spare bedroom
  • taken old electrical items to the tip
  • sold a TV unit on eBay
  • sorted out the bathroom cabinets and thrown away old toiletries we no longer use
  • packed about ten boxes, with more planned for this week

As I'm off work for the next two weeks (I dunno if I already mentioned that ;)), I'm going to do a charity shop run at some point to donate the things we don't want; although I'll probably do that once Hubs had got all the stuff out of the loft (attic for my American readers) later this week, because we have a ton of stuff up there that we need to sort through, most of which will probably not make the move with us.

For August, I've decided that my Focus Goal is going to be organise in order to remain focused on the move, which is set for September; I need to inform a ton of people/organisations that we're moving; I need to continue packing; I'd like to do a car boot at the end of the month; and I need to prepare myself mentally for the upheaval that I'm certain moving will be, despite my excitement!

Have a great day (sorry this post has no pics)!

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