Wednesday, 29 July 2015

summer lovin'

Happy hump day, blogland!
Can you believe I'm actually publishing a post on a Wednesday?
I know, me either (except this has been scheduled - seems to be the only way I take part in the blog world mid-week)!

On Friday, I finish work for two weeks. Two whole weeks off. Bliss.

As Hubs and I are buying a brand new house this year, we're not going on holiday. 

Instead, we are both having two weeks off, but just one week together. I have a week alone, in which I plan to get lots of tidying, organising, decluttering and packing done. Then Hubby and I have a week off together in which I want us to have some fun and forget about the move. Then, once I'm back at work, Hubs has another week off to go on Scout camp.

I want us to enjoy our week off together, so we have plans to:
  • visit this local maize maze 
  • visit Hubby's little sister in Leeds
  • enjoy a couple of lay-ins
  • take lots of photos
  • make lots of memories
  • make the most of being off work

What have you got planned for the summer months?

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