Monday, 13 July 2015

my weekend

Most Mondays, I wish I could spend the morning laying in bed.

Today especially so.

I may have been in bed by 9:15pm on Friday night, but I spent the rest of the weekend making up for this excessive amount of sleep. 

Thanks to my early night, Saturday morning started early; I was awake at 8am and up for 8:30, and thanks to stumbling across a horror movie with one of my favourite actors on TV, I didn't return to my bed until 1:30am Sunday morning. And then last night, I stayed up until 11:45pm watching the Supernatural NerdHQ Conversations for a Cause panel (starts at 4:17:20); so it's safe to say I'm tired this morning. 

I had a great weekend though.

Friday night featured good food, which induced a carb-coma, hence the early night

Saturday started early and involved a whole day of shopping :)

We started by looking at furniture and home-related shops, where we found lots of furniture and sofas we didn't like and only a few we did. We also bought a bath mat and hand towels for the en-suite in our new house
Mat. Towel.

Hubs then treated himself to the new Tottenham shirt and a bottle of CK One, while I treated myself to a new nail polish.

As Hubby went out with some friends for a mate's birthday that evening, I chilled out in front of the TV, watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One #thanksITV and then My Bloody Valentine, hence the late night. 

Sunday started with neighbours doing DIY, which we managed to ignore until 11am, when I got up to make some breakfast brunch :)

That afternoon we enjoyed a walk in the sunshine with my mum and Izzy

Then we spent the evening with Hubby's family, before checking in on the progress of our new house; she's coming a long nicely now :) 

I can't wait until she's ready to move in to; seeing her so far along makes me super excited!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Your house is looking great!

    1. Thanks, Ashley :) I can't wait until she's finished! x

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend, and the house is looking lovely :) Tania xx