Friday, 24 July 2015

high five for friday

Happy Friday, peeps!
How has your week been? I've been super busy at work this week but I'm on countdown to two weeks off - there
is just one working week left and I'm super excited for some time off!

1 | Best news of the week relates to our new house; the plasterers are due in next week, the cladding is on the front and it's on course for completion in September :)

2 | I bought a new dress last Friday for just £14 :) #bargain

3 | Hubs and I had a great weekend that involved lots of shopping for the new house, good food and a splash of alcohol

4 | Although I'm at work today and Hubby is off and that makes me a little sad, he is sorting out some of his Scout paperwork that I can't sort, so I'm looking forward to seeing another packed box and another bag of rubbish when I get home. You know you're moving house when you look forward to seeing stuff to be thrown out!

5 | Hubs and I are off to review a local restaurant and adjoining hotel tonight and I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!

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