Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Focus: month six

Happy Hump Day, Blogland!
I'm proud; I'm actually blogging on a Wednesday, for the first time in two weeks! #gome

Can you believe today is the first day of July; 2015 is seriously flying by too quickly! Seven short months ago I set myself a word for 2015 - that word was focus - instead of coming up with a New Year's Resolution that I wouldn't stick to, I would instead choose a different focus goal for each month of the year - you can read about previous months here.

For June, I decided it was time to focus on me, on the things I enjoyed doing. So much of 2015 has left me feeling very much out of control and for someone like me *coughTypeAcough* this was not good. So, I've spent the past 30 days thinking of me; I've watched old episodes of Supernatural, I've painted my nails, I've took lots of photos, I've enjoyed long walks with my loved ones, and I've done my utmost to chill the fuck out. I've spent time ignoring what I can't control and relishing the things I can.

That being said, at the beginning of June when I set my goal, our house was still up for sale; we accepted an offer on June 3rd, so, thankfully, I have actually begun to declutter, something I've been bursting to get on with since April! So, unsurprisingly to regular readers, my focus goal for July is to declutter in preparation for our move, which looks like it could even be as late as the end of September.

I have already given away some old bedding (thanks Freecycle); we've sold two items (a desk and office chair) on eBay, so they should be collected at the weekend; we've got two other items on eBay; we sorted out all our paperwork and recycled five bags worth of papers we didn't need and shredded a further three; I'm planning to throw out all my university work this weekend; we have a pile of things ready to donate to our local charity shop; we took three bags of clothes to Cash 4 Clothes last weekend, and earnt ourselves a whopping £7.25; I've thrown away old costume jewellery I no longer wear; Hubby sorted out and condensed his camping gear; I have plans to go through the kitchen cupboards to get rid of anything we don't use... as you can see the decluttering process is well under way - I can't wait to continue with it over the next 31 days!

Enjoy the sunshine!
(sorry this post has no photos)

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