Wednesday, 29 July 2015

summer lovin'

Happy hump day, blogland!
Can you believe I'm actually publishing a post on a Wednesday?
I know, me either (except this has been scheduled - seems to be the only way I take part in the blog world mid-week)!

On Friday, I finish work for two weeks. Two whole weeks off. Bliss.

As Hubs and I are buying a brand new house this year, we're not going on holiday. 

Instead, we are both having two weeks off, but just one week together. I have a week alone, in which I plan to get lots of tidying, organising, decluttering and packing done. Then Hubby and I have a week off together in which I want us to have some fun and forget about the move. Then, once I'm back at work, Hubs has another week off to go on Scout camp.

I want us to enjoy our week off together, so we have plans to:
  • visit this local maize maze 
  • visit Hubby's little sister in Leeds
  • enjoy a couple of lay-ins
  • take lots of photos
  • make lots of memories
  • make the most of being off work

What have you got planned for the summer months?

Monday, 27 July 2015

dSLR dump (7)

Oh July, you do tease me; one minute, you're offering the most glorious weather ever recorded and the next, it's pissing it down!

Happy Monday, blogland!

Friday, 24 July 2015

high five for friday

Happy Friday, peeps!
How has your week been? I've been super busy at work this week but I'm on countdown to two weeks off - there
is just one working week left and I'm super excited for some time off!

1 | Best news of the week relates to our new house; the plasterers are due in next week, the cladding is on the front and it's on course for completion in September :)

2 | I bought a new dress last Friday for just £14 :) #bargain

3 | Hubs and I had a great weekend that involved lots of shopping for the new house, good food and a splash of alcohol

4 | Although I'm at work today and Hubby is off and that makes me a little sad, he is sorting out some of his Scout paperwork that I can't sort, so I'm looking forward to seeing another packed box and another bag of rubbish when I get home. You know you're moving house when you look forward to seeing stuff to be thrown out!

5 | Hubs and I are off to review a local restaurant and adjoining hotel tonight and I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 20 July 2015

home haul

I don't know about you but I love looking around other people's homes; 
the Home Decor section of Pinterest is my happy place!

As regular readers will know, Hubs and I are currently in the process of buying a new home,
a new build house that currently looks like this:

As this house will be a blank canvas when we move in, hopefully in late September, I've been kinda overwhelmed at the prospect of decorating, hence the numerous hours spent on Pinterest and weekends spent trawling the shops. Thankfully, two months after reserving our plot and two months before we move in, my design ideas are finally becoming clear! Can I get an amen?! 

To celebrate, and in an attempt to see my ideas materialise before me, I've started buying a few bits and pieces for our new home and, as I'm beyond excited, I thought today was a perfectly good day to share some of those purchases with you, in my very first Home Haul post... :)

These alphabet hooks are the very first thing we bought for our new home from Marks & Spencer:
They cost £6 each and our intention is to mount them onto some scaffold board and place them in a corner in our hallway, above a wicker basket for shoes :) I'm super excited to see coats and scarves hanging on them, as well as (hopefully) a dog lead, and one day, children's coats.

These were my second and third purchases:
The starfish trinket holders were from TK Maxx and the poster was from a local shop, called Set. I have a mild coastal theme in mind for the living room, so while I have no plans to buy anchor ornaments or 'take me to the beach' signs, I saw these and thought they'd be a great addition, to give a simple hint of 'coastal'. As for the poster, I originally saw it around Christmas time and knew I wanted it but had no idea where it might go in our current home. Fast forward to March and we knew we'd be moving and as Set had a sale (the poster was £9.99 down from £19.99), I decided to buy it and possibly frame it in the downstairs toilet.

A Debenhams sale and an impulse buy at Asda lead to the next two:
I love the sentiment on this sign, so when it was reduced to £14 I had to buy it. As for the garden squirrel (which I can't find online, sorry)
well, he was only £6 and I'm sure I'll find a spot for him in the garden.

Next, it's these beauties from Next:
As I'm planning a grey and yellow colour scheme for our master bedroom, when I saw these hand towels and bathmat from Next, I had to have them for our en-suite. The cushion was actually a Next sale bargain (just £8 from £16) purchased on Saturday. Again, it's 'coastal' without being too in your face; I'm hoping to find the perfect armchair to put it in.

A spur of the moment trip to The Range on Friday night saw us buying these:
The £6.99 jug is earmarked for either the kitchen island or dining table; I love the ombre light grey to teal green :) The bird art is going in the second/guest bedroom, which is going to house all our current bedroom furniture and linen. The storage boxes (similar) are going to go in our master bedroom somewhere; I have no idea where but they were just too perfect to not buy, being the colours I'm planning to use. I fell in love with the light-up 'there's no place like home' sign; I had to have it, especially for just £4.99 (I can't seem to find it online). I think it'll give a cosy feel come autumn/winter and, at the moment, I can see it going on a console table in the hallway.

Also from The Range, we bought this forest lampshade for just £5.99:
Which we plan to use on the landing ceiling light. We hope, eventually (once we get the go-ahead to wallpaper), to use this Cole & Son paper going up the stairs from ground floor to first floor, kinda like this.

I don't usually shop at Tesco, but with a large store just 10 minutes away, it's worth a visit now and then:
These tea towels (1. 2.) were just £1.75 each, while the soap dispenser (which will go in the family bathroom) was also in the sale at 
just £2.

Finally, we have this cool door mat from Matalan, for just £5, which will go at the back door:

So, what do you think?
Do you love buying things for your home as much as I do?

Friday, 17 July 2015

high five for friday

Happy Friday, peeps!
How has your week been? Mine's been pretty average; not too busy at work and lots more decluttering in the evenings.
Anyway, on with today's order of business...

1 | The highlight of the past seven days has to be seeing our new house so far along!
I know first fix hasn't started yet and internal walls are only being studded, but she feels so close to being finished; I just hope the move in date doesn't get moved back any further than it already has!

2 | I started reading this on Tuesday after my copy arrived in the post (I pre-ordered back in February)
So far, I've read six chapters and I'm enjoying it, although the reviews (esp those that labelled Atticus a 'bigot') have put me off it - I don't want my favourite ever book to be spoiled by the sequel. Have you read Go Set A Watchman yet?

3 | On Monday I tried a new recipe.
I have to say, it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, and while I will make it again, I can't see it becoming a staple of our weekly menu.

4 | Speaking of food, I've been eating berries and yoghurt for breakfast this week and I have to say, I'm loving it. It's a great way to get a fruit fix first thing.

5 | I'm looking forward to the weekend as Hubs and I have plans to visit another local housing development for a nosy around the show home - so much better than looking at houses on Pinterest - we're also doing some more window shopping for the new house, carpets and flooring this time though. Hopefully we'll also be able to get rid of some more stuff and get some boxes packed up :)

Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned!

Monday, 13 July 2015

my weekend

Most Mondays, I wish I could spend the morning laying in bed.

Today especially so.

I may have been in bed by 9:15pm on Friday night, but I spent the rest of the weekend making up for this excessive amount of sleep. 

Thanks to my early night, Saturday morning started early; I was awake at 8am and up for 8:30, and thanks to stumbling across a horror movie with one of my favourite actors on TV, I didn't return to my bed until 1:30am Sunday morning. And then last night, I stayed up until 11:45pm watching the Supernatural NerdHQ Conversations for a Cause panel (starts at 4:17:20); so it's safe to say I'm tired this morning. 

I had a great weekend though.

Friday night featured good food, which induced a carb-coma, hence the early night

Saturday started early and involved a whole day of shopping :)

We started by looking at furniture and home-related shops, where we found lots of furniture and sofas we didn't like and only a few we did. We also bought a bath mat and hand towels for the en-suite in our new house
Mat. Towel.

Hubs then treated himself to the new Tottenham shirt and a bottle of CK One, while I treated myself to a new nail polish.

As Hubby went out with some friends for a mate's birthday that evening, I chilled out in front of the TV, watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One #thanksITV and then My Bloody Valentine, hence the late night. 

Sunday started with neighbours doing DIY, which we managed to ignore until 11am, when I got up to make some breakfast brunch :)

That afternoon we enjoyed a walk in the sunshine with my mum and Izzy

Then we spent the evening with Hubby's family, before checking in on the progress of our new house; she's coming a long nicely now :) 

I can't wait until she's ready to move in to; seeing her so far along makes me super excited!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, 10 July 2015

high five for friday

Happy Friday, peeps!
How's your week been? Mine's been good, but frustrating when it comes to work; it seems this is the week that no-one wants to get back to me or return my calls, which makes my job, as a features writer promoting their business, extremely hard, but not impossible. The magazine is gonna go to print later today whether they've seen their proof or not; I ain't got time to wait for them - it's a weekly magazine for god's sake!

Anyway, on with business...

1 | Best news of the week, for me at least, is that the cast and crew of my beloved Supernatural started filming on Tuesday which means Season 11 is getting closer - just 89 days until episode 1 :)

2 | I got some newborn baby snuggles with the beautiful Max last weekend, as well as a catch up with his mama and papa :)

3 | Hubs and I have been super busy this week with house stuff - from filling in solicitors' forms to more decluttering; I've even packed two boxes :)
The actual move still feels so very far away but I'm sure it'll be here before we know it - fingers crossed we will have moved before episode 1 of season 11 ;)

4 | The warmer weather, which I'm not fond of, has an upside; it's been encouraging me to eat better, mainly because I can't handle heavy dinners. My puddings have been particularity healthy this week...

5 | Hubs and I are planning a window shopping trip this weekend for the new house; we're looking at integrated appliances, sofas, furniture and anything else we can nosy at :) I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!