Friday, 19 June 2015

high five for fri-yay

Happy Friday, guys!
I kinda can't believe it's Friday already; this week has gone by so quickly! I fully intended to post on Wednesday but time just got away from me, plus I was kinda lacking in inspiration. The majority of my week has been spent working and sorting out paperwork; Hubs and I have certainly not kept on top of our filing and shredding in recent years and with an impending house move on the horizon, I figured it was probably time to get sorting - it's all good now though, two massive shredding bags and three recycle bags later!

Anyway, on with my highlights from the past week...

1 | Everything about last weekend!

2 | This happened on Tuesday... does this make it official now? #eeekk!

3 | I finally discovered the benefits of Freecycle; I've joined a local group on Facebook and have arranged for two different people to pick up (for free) some old bedding I have and some unwanted bowls and plates #goodkarma

4 | Gotta love the local markets during the summer months

5 | This weekend we're taking my parents to see our new house and the development that it's on; I'm super excited to see what they think - I hope they like it as much as we do!
Have a great weekend!

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