Monday, 8 June 2015


Last Thursday, my beautiful blogging bestie, Kelly Lorene, wrote a thought-provoking post 
about the personality traits she considers to be her flaws...

I identified with them, particularly these three:
  • Planning because I'm actually a procrastinator and if I didn't plan stuff in advance, I'd never do anything!
  • Over-thinking things - I do this all. the. time. However, I'm trying to let things be, to realise I cannot control every situation!
  • Disliking mornings, although the older I get the more I appreciate a quiet weekend morning (and I'm talking 8am not 6am - I'm defo not there yet)!

Today, I wanted to talk about three of my other personality traits that could be considered flaws, but that I actually like to think of as areas of 'personal development'; no-one is perfect, and rather than hide my flaws, giving people the impression that my life is perfect, 
I'd rather be honest and let people know that I am human and whilst I might be like this now, I hope I won't have these flaws forever...

I can be lazy - I am not a fan of working out so I come up with every excuse in the book not to; I know I'm only hurting myself, so it's something that recently I've become comfortable with. I don't have the mental head space right now to dedicate my time and energy to working out. Selling your home is stressful - never let anyone else tell you otherwise - so every spare minute of my day is consumed by thoughts and plans of packing up my current home and/or decorating my new one. I hope that once we've moved and are settled, I can re-focus my efforts and find time to exercise - I'm actually hoping Hubs and I can enjoy daily evening walks after dinner across the beautiful countryside that surrounds our new home - but until then, I'm content with being a coach potato!

I'm always late - it's not because I disrespect the person or people I'm meeting up with but because I'm bad at time keeping; everything always takes longer than I think it will, whether it be the 'quick' shower I decide to take that means I then have to attempt to dry my mountain of hair, or the route I decide to drive that in my head takes 20 minutes but in reality actually takes 30 thanks to the traffic at that time of day. I can't help it. I'm trying to improve. I would like to add that I was not late on my wedding day though, which has to count for something, right?!

I am impatient - I absolutely hate waiting for things, especially those things that I cannot control, like slow drivers, even slower food shoppers and the progress of house sales/moves. Sadly, this will never change. I know it won't and there is absolutely no point saying it'll improve one day because I know it won't. I inherited it from my mother; she is also impatient, and has been for her whole life - she's almost 60!

What would you say your flaws are?
Have you embraced them or are they things you struggle with daily?


  1. I totally agree with being lazy. I never have the energy to do things like working out. People always tell me that if i would just start doing it then I'd have more energy, but I don't know if it's a theory I'm ready to test out yet.

    1. I think people that tell us that shiz are lying to us; they want us to ache and hurt after working out as much as they do! x