Monday, 29 June 2015

dslr dump (5)

How is it July on Wednesday? 
No seriously, I'm honestly asking! It seems like only yesterday I was just coming to terms with the fact that it was May already,
and now we're two days away from July! This year is flying by...

Thanks, June; until next year...

Friday, 26 June 2015

high five for fri-yay

Happy Friday guys!
It's been a great week but another with only two visits to this corner of blogland *slaps own wrist*
I know I must try harder, so I'm planning to write and schedule a few posts for Wednesdays this weekend as I seem
 to be having a real issue with blogging on the dreaded hump day!

Anyway, we all know why we're here today...

1 |  I guess the biggest and bestest news of the week is being picked as the High Five For Friday Featured Blogger :) Hi and Hello to all the new visitors stopping by from the link up and massive thanks to Tif, Katie, Caitlin and Della for picking me; I love taking part in this link up and I promise to spend some time this weekend checking out all this week's bloggers :)

2 | We took my parents to see our new house and the development that it's on last Saturday and, thankfully, they loved it as much as we do. My mum in particular is super excited for us!
Look how pretty she (our house) looks with windows and doors fitted :)

3 | One of Tom's besties became a father for the first time this week :) I'm hoping for baby snuggles next weekend! #welcometotheworldMax

4 | We went out for a meal on Wednesday night and it was A-MAZE-ING! Seriously I cannot praise it enough; see for yourselves...

5 | The decluttering has officially begun! I cannot tell you how happy it's making me. We have a handful of things on Ebay and last night we gave away some old bedsheets and an old duvet we had to someone via my local Freecycle Facebook group. We have a trip to the recycle point this weekend, as well as the local Cash for Clothes, so we will have got rid of even more stuff. Decluttering is currently my happy place!
Have a good one!

Monday, 22 June 2015

five things...

that have been making me happy lately...

1 | Showing my family the house we're buying, and them loving it!

2 | Decluttering.

3 | Seeing this little guy's personality develop.

4 | Long walks in the sunshine.

5 | As always, this guy (beard or no beard).

Happy Monday!

Friday, 19 June 2015

high five for fri-yay

Happy Friday, guys!
I kinda can't believe it's Friday already; this week has gone by so quickly! I fully intended to post on Wednesday but time just got away from me, plus I was kinda lacking in inspiration. The majority of my week has been spent working and sorting out paperwork; Hubs and I have certainly not kept on top of our filing and shredding in recent years and with an impending house move on the horizon, I figured it was probably time to get sorting - it's all good now though, two massive shredding bags and three recycle bags later!

Anyway, on with my highlights from the past week...

1 | Everything about last weekend!

2 | This happened on Tuesday... does this make it official now? #eeekk!

3 | I finally discovered the benefits of Freecycle; I've joined a local group on Facebook and have arranged for two different people to pick up (for free) some old bedding I have and some unwanted bowls and plates #goodkarma

4 | Gotta love the local markets during the summer months

5 | This weekend we're taking my parents to see our new house and the development that it's on; I'm super excited to see what they think - I hope they like it as much as we do!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Weekend Recap

How is it Monday already? Where'd the weekend go?
I had a great weekend. I caught up with friends, spent quality time with Hubby, ate some good food, listened to live music in a field covered in sheep shit, visited family and even took a nap! The weather may have been pretty bad for the majority of the weekend, but it didn't stop us having fun...

 Friday night: great food & even better company :)
Saturday chores...
...and rain 
Saturday lunch and dinner, which was eaten at...
 Music in the Park (Wistow)
Sunday started with a naughty breakfast...
and featured lots more delicious food
A walk where mum & I found a few four-leaf clovers...
and ended with time spent with loved ones.

I'm missing the weekend already!