Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tea Talk v.2

If you came round to my house today, I would offer you a cuppa tea or coffee, or even a glass of pop if you're feeling too warm for a hot drink; I'd ask you about how your life and your plans for the upcoming bank holiday weekend. I'd listen intently as you told me everything that's happening with you and when you asked me about my life, I'd tell you...
  • The offer we accepted on our house at the beginning of the month fell through because the buyers couldn't secure a mortgage, which annoys me slightly! You'd think that if you were looking at houses to buy you'd get a mortgage in principle in place BEFORE you start looking! I'm over it now but at the time I was so annoyed because it's the logical thing to do, I mean how do you even know what your budget is if you've not been to see a mortgage advisor?!
  • We've been inundated with viewings on our house lately... ok, so maybe not inundated but it feels that way after weeks of just one or two. For the past week we've been on the market with two estate agents, after six weeks with just one and it's gone a bit crazy! The new estate agents have got us as many viewings in a week as the others have in six! 
  • Since Monday, we've had two offers from the same couple, both of which are too low for us so we've rejected them. I'm remaining positive though because we haven't, as yet, heard back from Monday's viewings and we have one more lined up for Saturday so there's still interest there. 
  • We had an appointment with the housing developer (who is building our new house) last Sunday and things are moving at a pace now; the builders are due to begin first fix at the end of the month! I love seeing the whole thing progress.

  • I'm still scouring Pinterest like a fiend to get a ton of ideas for our new home; what did us mere mortals with no interior design sense ever do before Pinterest?!
  • This bank holiday weekend, we have plans to hit up some vintage fairs and markets to look for some bargains for the new house. We also have plans to visit Warwick Castle on Bank Holiday Monday with Leighton for Horrible Histories; I have no clue what it will involve but I'm sure it'll be all kinds of fun :)
  • All my favourite shows are coming to an end for the summer; we've already had the Arrow and The Flash finales and tonight it's Supernatural's turn - I AM NOT READY!
  • I've been soooo crap at exercising lately, but I've just discovered this on YouTube and I'm thinking of giving it a go - has anyone else tried working out to YouTube videos? How'd you find it?
So, what's been happening with you lately? Let's chat!

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  1. Congrats on the new house! Is it weird putting your old house on the market? I think I will have a hard time, whenever the times comes, but I bet it's exciting too.