Thursday, 7 May 2015

Awesome Aldi (part 2)

On Tuesday, I shared with you a few of my favourite products from Aldi that you should be buying, instead of paying extortionate prices for the branded versions; today, I'm bringing you a few more...

These sauces are amazing! It's so great to be able to buy good quality condiments at reasonable prices, especially the way hubby goes through salad cream; I swear that boy puts it on every. single. meal. he eats!

These sauces are also fantastic and liven up a basic stir fry, which always feels like 'diet' food to me and at only 39p, they're a total bargain! 

I know bees have to work pretty hard to get honey, but man it can be expensive, so when I found the above honey at Aldi for about £1.39, I was happier than a pig in...

OMG, these chips are so freaking good! Known as green chips in my house (because of the packaging, not because they are actually green), these oven beauties are a steal at just 99p per bag!

Honestly, we have saved so much money by doing the bulk of our shopping at Aldi. The quality of their food is just as good as food from the 'big four' supermarkets, although there are a few things I don't seem to be able to buy from my beloved Aldi.

So Mr Aldi, if you're reading this, please look into stocking:
  • Wholewheat pasta
  • Brown rice
  • A wider variety of frozen vegetarian foods
  • Bean sprouts
  • Big bags of porridge oats
  • A better coffee
  • Lower sugar granola
  • Low sugar/diabetic ice cream
Thank you!
Do you shop at Aldi? 
If so, which products would make your favourites list?

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