Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Awesome Aldi (part 1)

Happy Tuesday, blogland.
How was your weekend? Mine was a great three-dayer, and I only have three days at work this week ahead of a Bucket List weekend ahead, but more on that next week!

Today I wanna talk to you about Aldi.

Hubs and I have shopped at Aldi for going on five years now. We do one shop at the beginning of the month at Asda, usually an online order which we have delivered, and then each weekend we top up with a shop from Aldi. Over the last few years, there have been items that I have stopped buying from Asda and now buy from Aldi and today I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you...
Aldi cola, diet cola and diet lemonade cost just 39p for a two-litre bottle. While I don't drink the cola, Hubs does and he loves it. I am a fan of the diet cola and diet lemonade! They're defo worth buying at 39p!

Staying in the drinks aisle, Aldi's Double Strength No Added Sugar Orange Squash is 95p and I can't tell the difference between this and Asda's, which is £1.25 - a saving of 30p!

Aldi's tinned goods are fantastic and these are six of my absolute favourites! I was reluctant to try the baked beans so only tried them a couple of months ago after a colleague said her children hadn't noticed any difference and they'd eaten Heinz all their lives! Aldi's 32p beans are brilliant and cost much less than even Asda's own! The chopped tomatoes and red kidney beans are the same quality as Asda's and cost the same too! The sweetcorn is great in stir fries and salads, while the 49p Ocean Rise Tuna  is great for sandwiches and pasta bake, while the 62p flavoured tuna flakes are great for salads.

Finally for today, Aldi's washing up liquid, which costs 99p for one-litre. Both Hubs and I think it's great for washing up and cleans really well. However, if you wanted to up the anti on your dirty dishes, you could buy Aldi's Magnum Premium washing up liquid which came top the the Which? washing up liquid test back in August. It outperformed all other own-label brands, as well as Fairy Platinum!

As you can see from just this small selection of products, it really is worth shopping at Aldi; you get great quality products at fantastic prices... and no Aldi are not paying me to say this; I just think the shop is awesome!

Come back on Thursday for some more of my Aldi faves...


  1. The packaging is so different from how it looks here in Australia. :)

    Sounds like a potential blog post! I might head in and take some pics to create a post about that, and link over to your posts so people can compare the packaging. :)

    1. Wow, I'd love to see what the Aussie packaging looks like! Thanks for your comment x