Friday, 29 May 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, blogland!
How has your week been? Mine's been busy!We've had a four-day working week to produce a 40-page magazine so I feel like I've been chasing my tail all week; if that wasn't enough, we had a viewing on Wednesday evening, and, surprise surprise, they didn't turn up! I seriously hate this selling a house business. I wish I could just move without any of this stress - I really envy renters right now!

Anyway, onto today's order of business...

1 | We enjoyed a relaxing three-day weekend, which you can read all about here.

2 | Thanks to the long weekend, I got the opportunity to start a book on Monday evening...
And I actually finished it on Tuesday evening! It was a pretty easy read so it's really nothing to brag about but I ACTUALLY FINISHED A BOOK!! I've not done that all year!! Hopefully I'm now out of my book reading funk that I've been in since autumn :)

3 | I've read some great blog posts this week - blogland, you are on fire! Here are the links to my favourites 1 | 2 | 3 Let me know if you loved them as much as I did!

4 | Today is Pay Day, which is always a happy occasion!

5 | As usual, I'm looking forward to the weekend, mainly so I can sleep past 6:45am!

Have a great weekend!

 Apologies this is so short and to the point - I can't think of much but getting my work done at the mo!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

dSLR Dump (4)

As most of you know, I'm a massive lover of autumn; my favourite months of the year are September and October, but I think May might just be my third favourite month of the year. It's still cool enough some days for coats and boots, but on other days the temps are warm enough for a stroll in just a dress and sandals. This May has been pretty wonderful, despite the downpours...
I've not made the time to practice as often as I usually do, but  I have thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of blossom,
baby ducks and leafy trees, as well as the occasional visit from next door's cat, Jasper.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Weekend Recap

I love a three-day weekend; they're automatically better than standard two-day weekends!

On Saturday we were supposed to have a house viewing at 11am; 11:20am and they still weren't here. I called the estate agents and the man on the other end of the phone said he'd look into it but I knew they weren't coming. Promise me something guys, if you book an appointment to visit a house, go to it, or cancel it if you can; don't leave the home-owners wondering why you no longer want to look around the house they've called home for any number of years.

So, in an effort to cure my disappointment I hit up a local vintage fair hoping to find some great bits for our new home; I was, once again, sorely disappointed! The stallholders sold mostly clothes and jewellery and seeing as that's not what I'm in the market for, it felt like a wasted half hour - yep, I only managed to wander around for 30 minutes because I couldn't fake interest any longer! 

I did however decide to take a wander around all the shops in the town centre I could think of that sold home-related stuffs... and what did I come away with? I new top and a new dress, which were both on sale I might add!

Knackered from all that shopping, I got home and immediately took a nap, which was pretty epic! I never get the chance to take naps any more so this was truly magical! I followed it with a spot of food shopping, a delicious dinner and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix #perfectSaturdaynight

Sunday began in the very best way, with a lay in and a naughty breakfast.

And ended with freshly painted nails, a full belly and quality time spent with family.

With an extra day off work, we took advantage with another lay in on Monday morning, followed by the opportunity to get things done that usually don't... Hubs sprayed the weeds in the garden, while I got busy in the kitchen preparing this evening's tea and cooking up a few meals to put in the freezer for those days when I can't be bothered to cook.
I also took the time to search for some new meals to try and to do an online food shop, which will be delivered next weekend.

As I write this, we have plans to hit the gym this evening, followed by a delicious dinner and an early night ready for work again tomorrow!

How was your long weekend?

Friday, 22 May 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, bitches!
How has your week been? Mine's been pretty slow at work and I've been a day ahead in my brain most days - I thought this morning was Saturday :( I'm looking forward to a three-day weekend though!

1 |  I know that there always seems to be a Supernatural-related highlight in my Friday posts, but this will probably be the last until October because season 10 ended on Wednesday night! It was a great finale #standard and now I'm waiting for the start of season 11, or even papped pics of filming season 11, which starts in July.

While I'm talking Supernatural, to cheer us up from the finale on Wednesday night, Thursday saw the release of the Hillywood Show Supernatural Parody and it is HILARIOUS! These girls did such a fantastic job and the cameos from some of the cast was the icing on the cake! Thanks ladies!

2 | I've painted my nails, for only about the third time this year. I've been so lax at painting them lately :(

3 | We had four viewings of our house last weekend, followed by two offers (both of which we rejected for being £12.5k and £7.5k under the asking price #cheekygits), and we have another on Saturday so fingers crossed again please peeps! I'll be glad when we agree an offer that sticks because then I can go back to my messy ways - I'm not enjoying having to keep my house tidy for viewings, lol.

4 | We had a visitor to the garden last night and he was unusually in the mood for some fuss :)
For those that don't know, this is our neighbour's cat, Jasper.

5 | I'm hitting up a vintage fair tomorrow so fingers crossed I get some nice bits and pieces for the new house :)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tea Talk v.2

If you came round to my house today, I would offer you a cuppa tea or coffee, or even a glass of pop if you're feeling too warm for a hot drink; I'd ask you about how your life and your plans for the upcoming bank holiday weekend. I'd listen intently as you told me everything that's happening with you and when you asked me about my life, I'd tell you...
  • The offer we accepted on our house at the beginning of the month fell through because the buyers couldn't secure a mortgage, which annoys me slightly! You'd think that if you were looking at houses to buy you'd get a mortgage in principle in place BEFORE you start looking! I'm over it now but at the time I was so annoyed because it's the logical thing to do, I mean how do you even know what your budget is if you've not been to see a mortgage advisor?!
  • We've been inundated with viewings on our house lately... ok, so maybe not inundated but it feels that way after weeks of just one or two. For the past week we've been on the market with two estate agents, after six weeks with just one and it's gone a bit crazy! The new estate agents have got us as many viewings in a week as the others have in six! 
  • Since Monday, we've had two offers from the same couple, both of which are too low for us so we've rejected them. I'm remaining positive though because we haven't, as yet, heard back from Monday's viewings and we have one more lined up for Saturday so there's still interest there. 
  • We had an appointment with the housing developer (who is building our new house) last Sunday and things are moving at a pace now; the builders are due to begin first fix at the end of the month! I love seeing the whole thing progress.

  • I'm still scouring Pinterest like a fiend to get a ton of ideas for our new home; what did us mere mortals with no interior design sense ever do before Pinterest?!
  • This bank holiday weekend, we have plans to hit up some vintage fairs and markets to look for some bargains for the new house. We also have plans to visit Warwick Castle on Bank Holiday Monday with Leighton for Horrible Histories; I have no clue what it will involve but I'm sure it'll be all kinds of fun :)
  • All my favourite shows are coming to an end for the summer; we've already had the Arrow and The Flash finales and tonight it's Supernatural's turn - I AM NOT READY!
  • I've been soooo crap at exercising lately, but I've just discovered this on YouTube and I'm thinking of giving it a go - has anyone else tried working out to YouTube videos? How'd you find it?
So, what's been happening with you lately? Let's chat!

Friday, 15 May 2015

High Five for Fri-YAY

Happy Friday, guys!
How has your week been? Mine's been pretty slow, which has given me the chance to recover from last weekend...

1 | Obviously, the highlight of my life the past seven days is meeting these two last weekend at a Supernatural convention in Birmingham
I'm not totally happy with this photo, mainly because I look so awful. I think I'm 50% fangirling internally and 50% mortified because just before this photo was taken, I stood on the foot of the guy in the salmon-not-pink shirt. He's my favourite!! And I stood on his foot!! He was super gracious about it saying he had boots on, then the other guy chipped in with "it's ok, he has two feet" to which I responded "and I have two left feet!" - I was so focused on not tripping up in front of them, I never even considered that I could do something even more stupid! Oh well, at least I have a good story from my photo op!

2 | I also met these two lovelies
The guy on the right is Jeffrey Dean Morgan; he has appeared in countless films and shows (some of you may even recognise him from Grey's Anatomy). After this photo was taken, I tried to unwrap my arms from around them but I was stuck to Jeff; my lanyards had become tangled in his jacket and we were attached! He had to dance around to get untangled.

So basically, I embarrassed myself in front of some of my most favourite 'famous' people last weekend!

3 | On Monday, we put a deposit down on a brand new bed!
Hubs and I are so excited; we've never bought a new bed - the one we have now is a hand-me-down - so we can't wait to have it delivered, which sadly won't be until August/September as we want it in our new home. It's a king-size divan with two large drawers and two small drawers and the mattress has this amazing technology which helps regulate your body temperature so you sleep better! I'm not sure anyone should ever be this excited about a new bed, but I don't care!!

4 | Wednesday saw the season 3 finale of Arrow and all I can say is wow! and how the hell is season 4 gonna go?! I'm excited for its return in October but I'm twice as scared excited for the Supernatural and The Flash season finales next week!

5 | I don't think I mentioned it to you guys, but the offer we'd agreed on our house fell through (mortgage issues for our buyers) so we're back on the market; however, we have TWO viewings tonight, so if you can spare any positive vibes/prayers/good-luck-thoughts, please send them our way!

 Cup of Tea
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My secret

One of the things you have to learn as you get older (as well as how to do your own laundry, the difference between buildings insurance and contents insurance, and to cook for yourself) is how to spend time alone, just you and your thoughts. I know this is something some people struggle with.

I am not one of these people.

You see, I'm an introvert. I find it draining to be around people, especially large groups of people I don't know too well. Don't get me wrong, I don't suffer from social anxiety or anything; I can converse with these people but it takes every ounce of energy I have and when I get home, I'm done! I need some time alone to recharge.

Hubby is the opposite. He feeds off the company of others and will literally talk to anyone about anything, although it's usually sports, in one form or another.

You might be thinking that this mix is a recipe for disaster, for an unsuccessful marriage with many clashes, but you'd be wrong (well, so far)!

Early on in our life living together, we had to learn about these key differences; Hubby would try to encourage me out of the house, to spend time with friends, on nights out or afternoons shopping. He would assume that because he enjoyed time out of the house, surrounded by people, that I loved it too.

I don't!

I love small groups and particularly one-on-one time with the people I love but I'm not so keen on loads of people.

As hubby initially struggled to understand my desire to stay home, I also struggled to understand his apparent desire to leave the house at any given opportunity. However I now see that it wasn't that he didn't want to spend time at home, alone with me, it was that he needed time with others too; to feed his soul as much as time alone feeds mine.

Seven years and seven months living together (four years and eight months of that as husband and wife) and we get it; we understand that we don't necessarily need the same things in life, but that we love each other just the same.

Monday, 11 May 2015

My weekend

One Sunday evening in January 2006, I turned on ITV and fell in love. I fell in love with two brothers who were looking for their father; he'd gone on a hunting trip and hadn't been home for a few days. This was the second time in approximately three months I'd fallen in love. The first time happened unexpectedly and all at once with the man who is now my husband; this second time was just as instantaneous...

This past weekend, I got to meet the actors who play these brothers. I also got to meet the man who played their father. You see, this little show that could, is still going. For over ten years, these two men, plus hundreds of crew members, and writers and producers have been making a show called Supernatural, which I've mentioned one or two times on this blog before. 

I know not many of you watch Supernatural, so I know you don't really care who these people are. I even debated not blogging about the weekend as I have done before, because, well, it's not all that interesting to people who don't watch the show. However, I read this post by the beautiful and hugely talented Charlotte last night in bed and it brought me to tears, and I realised, I don't care if you don't want to read about my weekend. I want to blog about it. I want to blog about meeting two people who have been a part of my life almost as long as the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with and grow old with. 

I have blogged much less frequently this year than I have for the past two and I think that's because I was starting to question this whole blogging thing; why do we read the thoughts and feelings of complete strangers? Why do these strangers put so much of their lives online? And I realised, it's not for others; it's for them. I want to remember the happy times, the sad times; I want to revel in the normality of other people's lives and I want the people who do stop by my little corner of the internet to know that I'm living my life; I'm having fun, I'm experiencing things and I'm ticking things off my bucket list! Because that is what life is all about!

This past weekend was everything I hoped for and more. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and their fellow cast members, were gracious, giving and couldn't be happier to be totally surrounded by two and a half thousand fan girls, and boys, in a hotel in Birmingham. It was different to my previous two weekends to Supernatural conventions (here and here) but it wasn't worse, or better, just different, but still bags of fun. I made new friends, spoke to fellow fans and have memories that will last a lifetime, and that is totally worth blogging about!

How'd you spend your weekend?

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Awesome Aldi (part 2)

On Tuesday, I shared with you a few of my favourite products from Aldi that you should be buying, instead of paying extortionate prices for the branded versions; today, I'm bringing you a few more...

These sauces are amazing! It's so great to be able to buy good quality condiments at reasonable prices, especially the way hubby goes through salad cream; I swear that boy puts it on every. single. meal. he eats!

These sauces are also fantastic and liven up a basic stir fry, which always feels like 'diet' food to me and at only 39p, they're a total bargain! 

I know bees have to work pretty hard to get honey, but man it can be expensive, so when I found the above honey at Aldi for about £1.39, I was happier than a pig in...

OMG, these chips are so freaking good! Known as green chips in my house (because of the packaging, not because they are actually green), these oven beauties are a steal at just 99p per bag!

Honestly, we have saved so much money by doing the bulk of our shopping at Aldi. The quality of their food is just as good as food from the 'big four' supermarkets, although there are a few things I don't seem to be able to buy from my beloved Aldi.

So Mr Aldi, if you're reading this, please look into stocking:
  • Wholewheat pasta
  • Brown rice
  • A wider variety of frozen vegetarian foods
  • Bean sprouts
  • Big bags of porridge oats
  • A better coffee
  • Lower sugar granola
  • Low sugar/diabetic ice cream
Thank you!
Do you shop at Aldi? 
If so, which products would make your favourites list?