Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Things I'm looking forward to...

Happy Hump Day, blogland.
To keep things feeling positive on here (not to mention the gorgeous spring sunshine is making me feel positive),
I'm gonna give you a quick run down of
  • An early night tonight and watching a new episode of Supernatural tomorrow morning before work.
  • Seeing the plot/house we want to buy on Saturday, as well as the show homes at another nearby development, because the upstairs in one and the downstairs in another are the style of house we want! 
  • Dinner at my mums on Sunday, followed by hopefully a walk in the sunshine.
  • The clocks springing forward on Sunday - yes, it may mean an hour less in bed, but it also means light evenings and summer!
  • Pay Day. God, I hate five weekend months!
  • Buying some new nail polish and mascara next week.
  • EASTER. Time off work, hot cross buns, chocolate and time with the family & friends!
  • The fact that our current house could be on the market by Easter.
  • My Supernatural Convention, which isn't until May but man I'm getting excited!

What are you looking forward to?

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