Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The struggle is real!

Hey there blog world friends!
It's been a while, eh?!

I've struggled to find the time, and, if I'm honest, the inclination, to blog just lately. It's not that I no longer enjoy blogging, but instead that life has gotten in the way - the best laid plans and all that! I was even so busy at work last Friday I didn't get time to write a High Five for Friday post, something I've taken part in almost religiously for the last nine months or so!

The worst part is, I can't even boast that I'm busy because things are moving with the house... they're not! It's at a standstill. The low-down on that front is... we wanna buy a plot that hasn't been released by the developer yet, which means, because we're selling our house via the developer's Assisted Move scheme, we can't proceed with selling our property until this plot is released. We have no idea how long that'll take, however, the plot next door has been released, so it can't be much longer. TELL ME IT WON'T BE MUCH LONGER! We have had some good news regarding our house though; it's worth what I predicted, so when it goes on the market we know what it'll go up for and the minimum we can accept for it!

Hubby keeps telling me to be patient and that we're in no real rush to move, but I'm rubbish with patience. Once I've decided something, I want it. I've decided I want to move. I know where I want to move to. I know the house I wanna buy. It's the most frustrating thing I've ever encountered to not be able to make these decisions become reality because I'm waiting on others. I usually feel in control, like I have control over my life and my destiny even if that might not be the case, but lately I'm constantly frustrated with life, so frustrated that I could scream!

I need to do something to distract me; I need a new focus so I can put this whole house business to the back of my mind for a while and just get on with living instead of wishing my life away - I keep picturing what life will be like in the new house and it's making me want it even more.

Have you got any suggestions on how I can stay busy and distract myself with something fun while I wait for life to catch up with the dreams I have for it?

 Oh god, another blog post without photos! Must. Try. Harder.

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