Friday, 27 March 2015

High Five for Friday

TGIF, right?!
How's your week been? Mine has been no where near as bad as last week and I've been trying to stay positive, which is pretty easy to do when the weather is as beautiful as it's been this week. The big news of my city this week has been about the reburial of King Richard III; the city literally came to s standstill both on Sunday and on Thursday, but I have to confess, I don't really care about a king who has been dead for over 500 years and who, as I was taught at school, was a pretty nasty dude!

Anyway, on with the highlights of my week...

1 | Last Friday evening, I enjoyed some good food and some good chatter with some friends, which was exactly what I needed :)

2 | How awesome has the spring sunshine been this week?

3 | Easter treats are starting to appear in the office, not that I'm complaining :)

4 | All the kitchen cupboard and drawer handles have now been changed #yay and it kinda looks like a new kitchen!

5 | Again, I'm looking forward to the weekend (when am I not?!) despite the fact that Hubby is working on Saturday AND Sunday morning (my little worker-bee). I'm planning on filling my alone time with more blogging and plenty of chores, but tomorrow we're also off to see the house/plot we want to buy, so I am super excited for that!

Have a great weekend, peeps!

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