Friday, 6 March 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday peeps! 
How has your week been? Mine's been pretty frustrating to be honest; all house things seem to have come to a standstill
and it's not in my control to make them start moving again, so I'm just a control freak, sat here, not in control :(

1 | Hubs and I had a fun and successful trip to Ikea last Sunday; we got loads of storage ideas for the new house and purchased new handles for our current kitchen cupboards as loads of them are broken! 
Hubs enjoying the world-famous Ikea meatballs :)
 2 | I bought some flowers last Thursday morning for the estate agent photos and they look gorgeous, and the lilies have 
been making the house smell amazing all week!

3 | On Wednesday night, I painted my nails. It's odd because, the light mornings make it feel like summer but the temperatures are still low so I know it's not, it's not even spring! So, to make me feel a little more summery, I painted 
them in Essie's Tart Deco, which I last wore last summer in Barcelona...

4 | I don't know if you remember me mentioning that I'm going to another Supernatural convention in May; well, I only booked because the two main stars are going to be there this time and last Friday it became official that I will meet my favourite of the two (Jensen) because I officially have an autograph booked with him! Eekkk! I'm hoping to get Jared's autograph too and applied for that this morning, so fingers crossed!

5 | I'm looking forward to the weekend, which involves seeing my bestie on Saturday to celebrate her 30th birthday, which might end up with us at Crufts!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I need to get to Ikea soon! Can you believe I've never actually eaten there? It's going to definitely be something we do next time.

    Thanks for linking up for H54F!