Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Focus: month three

Earlier this year I set myself the challenge of focusing throughout 2015. 
I was going to pick something different to focus on each month, and in order to hold myself accountable,
I was going to blog about it. March was the time to focus on eating better, seeing as I didn't do as well as I'd hoped at this in February.

I don't think I've done too bad at this this past month. I've eaten pretty healthily, despite indulging in a few treats, although I do feel like my sugar intake has slowly crept up again. So, going forward into April, I'm going to remain focused on eating better and making healthier choices, focusing particularly on reducing my sugar intake, especially at breakfast time. 

For April, I'm going to focus on being positive. I've felt a bit down in recent weeks so I think it's time that I focused on the good things in my life. When I did the 100 happy days challenge at the end of 2014, about 50 days in I realised I was feeling happier and appreciating the little things more, so I want to bring some of that back into my life again. 

Every day in April I'm going to aim to post a photo on my Instagram account of something that makes me happy, something that is positive, something that my life would be empty without. By doing this I hope to not only feel more positive and learn to appreciate the little things in my life, but also to encourage my followers to feel happier, more positive and appreciate what they have.

Feel free to join in.

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