Friday, 27 February 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday peeps!
What a week it has been... I'm gonna do my highlights in the order they happened
because so much has happened this week...

1 | Saturday I met up with my bestie; we did a spot of shopping and went for lunch at a new restaurant, called Bills. It was delicious and was followed by Krispy Kremes
I also got to witness my bestie's boyf buy her a Mulberry handbag for her 30th, which is on Monday! #luckybitch

2 | Sunday, Hubs and I headed to the new housing development that we want to buy a home on to get the ball rolling...
And boy did it start to roll...

3 | On Monday, we got two phone calls from local estate agents to book appointments to come and look at, value and take photos of our current home - cue panic stations to get our home photo ready. I took Wednesday afternoon off work and roped in my wonderful mother to help me do my 'spring clean' in one afternoon, which spilled into an evening, but we got there. It may have taken me, mum and Tom Monday and Tuesday evening, plus most of the day on Wednesday, to get it ready, but it now looks immaculate...
4 | Last night, as a reward for all my hard work in the house, I had the night off and, along with a friend and my cousin, we headed to Showcase Cinema to watch the Backstreet Boys Movie (Show 'Em What Your Made Of), which was followed by a special link-up to London where they performed a short acoustic set - it was amazing but it has made me desperate for another BSB concert!
5 | I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend and a trip to Ikea!

Have a great one! 
Hopefully I'll be around a little more next week!

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