Monday, 2 February 2015

Focus: month one

Happy Monday, blogland. 
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was mostly spent laying on the sofa cuz I feel pretty rotten!
Both Hubs and I have a cold from somewhere so we've been feeling a bit sorry for ourselves :(

Because we've been feeling sorry for ourselves for the last few days, I've not stuck to my Focus Goal for January, which was to have a tidy house. I was going great guns until Wednesday last week when I just couldn't move off the sofa and it was a bit of a downward spiral from there, particularly in the kitchen and bedroom (following photos taken last night as I dragged my ass to bed)...

I have found the living room and bathroom pretty easy to keep tidy though, and our hallway is so small it's almost 
impossible to get it untidy and still get through the front door :)

So, although I still feel pretty crappy today, my goal tonight is to get back on track and clean the kitchen and hallway, including the floors.

I think I did quite well on my goal to have a tidy house; no-one can foresee getting ill, so I'm not gonna beat myself up too badly for falling at the last hurdle, especially as my house was super clean for most of January. However, I am going to remain focused on keeping my house tidy into February, alongside my new goal of eating better, which I'll tell you all about on Wednesday :)

Ciao for now!

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