Tuesday, 6 January 2015

#100happydays: the final week

I just realised that I've not shared with you the final week of my 100 happy days challenge...
Day 92: Last day at work for 12 days :)
Day 93: Christmas Eve breakfast treat
Day 95: Hubs happy after watching his footie team win
Day 96: In Bolton for a weekend wedding
Day 97: Mr & Mrs :)
Day 98: Chillin'
Day 99: Blogging!

I would highly recommend having a go at the 100 happy days challenge; I did notice myself feeling happier and appreciating the little things in life as the challenge went on because I was forced into acknowledging something that made me happy every single day for 100 days! It's amazing how the littlest of things can make you happy and it's amazing how acknowledging that happiness has an affect on your general mood and outlook on life. Although I won't be posting daily photos any more, it is my aim to continue acknowledging the little things in life that make me happy :)

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