Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Things I love, and things I hate, about December

Hello, December.

There's one thing that the majority of us love about the month of December - Christmas! I love everything about Christmas: the decorations, the gift giving and receiving, the food, the atmosphere, the songs and, of course, the time spent with loved ones. I even love making to-do lists and crossing off jobs once I've done them. I love Christmas and I'm sooo ready to get my decorations up now, but that won't happen until the weekend! 

Another great thing about December is that it brings almost two weeks off work :) This year, I'll enjoy every second of my 12 days off work - they feel like they've been a long time coming! 

A double-edged December sword is the food; whilst I love all the treats that are on offer this time of year, from cheese and biscuits to chocolate sweets and Panettone, come January my waistline is bulging! This Christmas, my aim is to keep the calories in check more than I usually would in order to limit avoid the dreaded Christmas pounds! 

Finally, my December pet hate - New Year's Eve, or as I like to call it, the most over-rated day of the year! I hate New Year's Eve; there's so much pressure to have a good time and do something different, but drinks and taxis are so expensive and New Year's Eve events and parties are normally no better than parties and events at any other time of the year, in fact, they're often worse. I think Hubs and I are planning a quiet night in this December 31st, and I can't wait!

Happy Hump Day!
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