Monday, 15 December 2014

December's love list

Happy Monday, blogland.
Today it's time to recap some of my favourite things from the past month...

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways
CD & Documentary
If you've not managed to see any of the documentary episode that accompany this new album then you have well and truly missed out. I love the Foo Fighters and it was fascinating to see how they put together an album. I knew Dave Grohl was a god before this series, but now I am totally on awe of him and his writing ability; I wish I could string sentences together as eloquently as him!

Christmas Decorations
I know, totally predictable for a love list written in December but man, I am LOVING how festive my house, my town and basically the whole country looks right now! Can we keep some of the decs up into miserable January, please?

Amaretto & Coke
Having been a Malibu and coke fan for over ten years, I rarely venture away from my old friend, but lately I've been 
looking for something different. Amaretto and coke seems to have catered to my needs :)

Laura Ashley Mugs
My local Laura Ashley store closed down two weeks ago and so I got these two mugs for the ordinary price of one. I love the colour of them; they actually made me realise that I really like this blue and so I think that will, in one way or another, work its way into my dream kitchen design :)

What are you loving this month?

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