Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas, according to me: part I

With just over two weeks left until Christmas Day, I thought what better way to get in the festive mood 
than by sharing with you my A-Z of Christmas and what it means to me...

A is for Angel
They may adorn the top of many a tree, but not mine - I have a star atop my tree and I see no changing that any time soon. 

B is for Brussel Sprouts
According to the experts, Brits spend £30million on four billion of them on the run up to Christmas and will eat on average 14 each, but I won't have any; I loathe them!

C is for Christmas Pudding
This rich and fruity pudding is a festive tradition that’s been enjoyed here in Britain since medieval times, but apparently we’re the only country in the world to round off our Christmas Day feast with this tasty treat; I love some Christmas pudding with brandy sauce :)

D is for Decorations
From tinsel to baubles, cards to nativity scenes, filling our homes with all manner of sparkling and twinkling items really gets us ready for the Christmas countdown. My decorations are all up now - come back on Thursday for a look inside my home to see how I decorate :)

E is for Eggnog
This classic Christmas tipple, mainly comprised of egg, milk and brandy, finished off with a sprinkling of nutmeg, may be a family favourite in homes across American but I'm pretty certain I've never tried it, but I'm not sure I want to because I'm not a massive fan of its British sister - the snowball!

F is for Father Christmas
I know the jolly fat man in the red suit has numerous names from across the globe, but I tend to refer to him as Santa, while Hubby and his family all call him Santie!

G is for Grotto
From tacky to magical, Santa's grottos vary massively, but I can't wait to take my children to meet the main man in any of the grottos around here like my parents did when my brother and I were little. 

H is for Humour
Christmas cracker jokes are notoriously poor, but I do love a lame festive-themed gag: What do you call a snowman in the summer? A puddle! 

I is for It’s A Wonderful Life
As the mercury plummets during December, I love to get in the Christmas mood by snuggling on the sofa in my pjs with my favourite festive films and this cinematic classic (released in 1946) is one of my all-time faves.

J is for Jesus
In the modern world of Christmas excess, it’s easy to forget the origins of the most popular Christian event – the birth of Christ and while I don't believe, I have family who do. For me, Christmas is about family, kindness and goodwill to all men and women.

K is for Kisses (under the mistletoe!)
It’s been a feature of our Christmas decorations since the 18th Century and according to ancient Scandinavian traditions, men and women who meet under the mistletoe are obliged to kiss.

L is for Lights
The vibrant, colourful lights that adorn our trees may appear to be a modern tradition, but in fact, the idea of using electric lights on Christmas trees was first thought up in 1882 by Edward Johnson, assistant of Thomas Edison – just three years after Edison invented the lightbulb. I used to adorn my Christmas tree with red 'cherry' lights but these days I'm all about white lights!

M is for Mulled Wine & Mince Pies
An indulgent Christmas treat incorporating seasonal spices and a feast for the senses, these treats can be enjoyed throughout December, but not by me - I hate both! 

Come back tomorrow for the second half of the alphabet!

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