Tuesday, 2 December 2014

#100happydays: Weeks nine and ten

Today is day 71 of my 100 happy days project; 
here's a look back at the past two weeks...
Day 56: Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
Day 57: Miming along to the radio #cutie
Day 58: GORGEOUS print from Etsy :)
Day 59: Supernatural season two whilst getting ready to face the day

Day 60: Freshly painted nails
Day 61: Reunited!
Day 62: Gorgeous sunset #nofilter
Day 63: Winter has arrived!

Day 64: Delicious chilli
Day 65: Equally delicious fajitas #fatty
Day 66: Christmas shopping
Day 67: It's beginning to look festive in the Hyde house

Day 68: Chopped!
Day 69: 9pm & ready for bed #oldies
Day 70: Thanks Mr Postman #soundtrackoftheday

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