Monday, 3 November 2014


Happy Monday, blogland. What a great weekend it was!
On Friday night I was joined by 23 of my nearest and dearest for a fantastic Murder Mystery event that was being held at a local hotel (housed within a restored Victorian town house, which means it must totally be haunted, right?). There were over 100 people in attendance but we were the largest and loudest group, by far.

The night started in the bar of the hotel, chatting with one another with the actors mingling with us, in character; there was a professor who was researching the paranormal, his research assistant, two psychics, a TV producer who was making a TV show on the paranormal with the professor's sister-in-law, a newspaper reporter and a ghost writer for the professor. The set-up was that we were attending a fundraising event to raise money for the professor so he could continue to do his research into the paranormal.

As we moved into the restaurant, we were interrupted by a local police detective inspector who was investigating the murder of a local history teacher who had been found dead at the bottom of the stairs at the college he worked at. 

Everyone was a suspect and it was now our job to examine the evidence and decide whodunit?!

I don't really know what I was expecting but it was a lot more Jeremy Kyle (or Jerry Springer for the old school readers) than I imagined, with four different fights kicking off during the evening and lots of shouting! 
The fight between the two psychics, who were fighting over who was truly psychic!

My mum and brother played a long but didn't really take it seriously and were asking hilarious questions they knew would put the actors on the spot, however my sister-in-law, Hubby and Hubby's pal, Greg got really stuck in and donned their detective caps.

Before the murderer was exposed, I was embarrassed surprised with a cake 
and a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' from all in attendance :)
Sorry for the poor quality photo - it was taken on my dad's phone

All those CSI-wannabes detective caps coupled with the size of our group paid off because we won! We uncovered the murdered and collected our reward... a box of Roses and a certificate cementing our new status as legit detectives :)

It was a great night (I seriously have not laughed that much in a good long while) 
and I would highly recommend a murder mystery event to you all!
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  1. Glad you had fun! It was certainly the most bonkers night I've had in a while, was really funny and I would defo do it again.