Thursday, 6 November 2014

Things I love, and things I hate, about November

Can you believe it's really November? 
The mild weather this past weekend is one reason I'm struggling to wrap my head around the fact 
that we're now into the penultimate month of 2014 - yes, 2015 is two months away, folks!
November is one of those months that I usually really enjoy, but never really find myself looking forward to. That festive atmosphere can be felt, but it's significantly calmer and less chaotic than December, yet there are still reasons to celebrate. 

Firstly, there's Bonfire night and although we're not headed to an organised display this year, we are planning on having our own garden bonfire on Saturday - I especially love the smell in the air at this time of year, that smoky, cold scent that fills your nostrils whenever you leave the house! The fireworks that are let off for both bonfire night and Diwali do bother me though, because I know there are homes out there that suffer, or rather, the pets within these homes suffer. I wish firework companies would focus on making quieter fireworks, because my parents' border collie, Izzy, is petrified - either that or fireworks should only be allowed one certain nights of the year, and not almost every night from now until New Years!

Secondly, there are two family birthdays this month: my dad's and then my mother-in-laws (these are the two main reasons I cannot even mention the word Christmas before December the 1st in my house #TomScrooge). This year is a special birthday for my dad and next year it's my mother-in-laws turn so I'm looking forward to celebrating with them both!

Wanna know what I think the craziest thing about November is? There's only one more pay day until Christmas... 
just let that sink in! One. More. Pay. Day. Thankfully, my mother taught me well and I've been saving for the big day since January *insertproudemojihere* so I can, and in fact I already have, started buying presents!

Happy Friday-eve!
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