Friday, 28 November 2014

High Five for Friday

Woah! Where is the day going?!
I'm soooo late posting today it's unreal, but better late than never, right!

1 | Firstly, I hope all my American readers had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and that you got what you wanted in the Black Friday sales. I have to say, the Black Friday sales have exploded over here in Blighty this year - there were a few last year, but nothing compared to this year! It's crazy! It took me 20 minutes to queue and pay for a £14 wok at lunchtime today in Debenhams - that's longer than it took me to decide which wok to actually get!!

2 | This week has been much better than last, despite my constant tiredness, because Hubby is here. I didn't say anything because I didn't want the world and his wife to know that I was home alone, but Hubs went on a stag do from Tuesday until Saturday last week. He got very drunk, had a great time and has been slowly detoxing his poor poor liver this week :)

3 | As I told you last week, I'm gonna be meeting Jensen Ackles #swoon in May at a Supernatural Convention; well, the organisers only went and announced that Jared Padalecki will be tagging along too, so I'm officially gonna be meeting my two fave actors ever!! 

4 | I'm getting my hair hacked chopped off tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT! It is way too long and it's slowly driving me insane - I'll post before and after pics to my Instagram for anyone who is interested :)

5 | Anyone reading along with Kelly and me for this month's Blog2Blog Book Club breathe a sigh of relief - to give us slackers you more time to finish Beautiful Ruins, we've postponed the reviews until Monday #yourewelcome

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Have a great weekend!
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Sorry about the lack of photos #musttryharder

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