Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Being 30

A month a go today, I turned 30.

In this post I talked about my apprehension surrounding this milestone, but I'm here today to tell you that the past month has actually been pretty awesome.

I haven't suddenly gained a whole heap of wisdom upon joining the 30-club, nor is there a secret handshake (but man I wish there was!), in fact, day to day life is pretty much the same, however, it is my attitude and mindset that's changing.

I'm beginning to think that this whole number thing is bollocks! It doesn't matter what your age, it's more about how old, or young, you feel and about what makes you happy. The beautiful Olivia Wilde described turning 30 as the 'Cut the Bullsh-t and Go Be Awesome stage' and I couldn't agree more. Although turning 30 has taken away my chance to be 'young and reckless' (#allhailtaylorswift), it has instead granted me the opportunity to show the world who I am. 

No longer do I have to pretend to like certain things, or certain people. No longer do I have to make excuses for things I like, or hide behind the 'guilty pleasure' reasoning; 30 is allowing me to be me. Take me or leave me but I'm living my life, the way I want. Life is all about doing what makes YOU happy, living YOUR life, telling YOUR story. 

No two stories will ever be the same and that, my friends, is freaking awesome.
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