Monday, 6 October 2014

Things I love, and things I hate, about October

Can you believe that it's October the 6th already?! 
Where is this month going? Where is this year going?!

I love October; I really do, and not just because it's my birthday month! I love it because it's close enough to the summer months that the feel of the sun warming your skin and the smell of summer are still fresh in your mind, yet it's also close enough to Christmas for you to begin to feel excited and festive!

It's a great time of year and because of that there is very little I hate about this month, but the biggest thing has to be that it gets dark earlier in the evenings, especially once the clocks go back (on my birthday this year - oh yes, I have a 25-hour 30th birthday)! I love autumn but, for me, it really begins to feel like winter once the clocks have gone back and it's dusk when you leave work; it'll be dark at 3pm before we know it :(

I used to hate Halloween, and to a certain extent, I'm still not a fan; I don't really agree with kids knocking on the doors of strangers and demanding sweets in return for not 'tricking' said homeowner! However, I am beginning to embrace some aspects of this ancient tradition. I love watching Hocus Pocus and any other 'halloweeny' movie on the 31st October and I love carving pumpkins, both activities Hubby and I enjoyed last Halloween! We're out this Halloween (a murder mystery to celebrate my birthday), but I'm hoping we can carve pumpkins together at some point during Halloween week :)

How pretty is the picture above though? That is why I love October; it's jacket, scarf and boots weather due to the slight chill in the air but it's still sunny most days. There are equal amounts of leaves on the trees and on the floor and the whole place just looks, well, magical! 

I am the epitome of this photo...

What do you love most about October?
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