Friday, 10 October 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, peeps! 

1 | The BIGGEST thing to happen this week is the return of my beloved Supernatural (on Tuesday). After 140+ days of hellatus, it finally returned, and it was as magical as I had hoped. Man, I really do love this show!

2 | Last Friday's shopping trip was a success, despite me not finding that elusive white/cream cardi! I got some new pjs (my favourite things to buy), plus these three pretties (thank you H&M and Primark!)...

3 | I also got a new phone last Friday; I didn't get the iPhone 6 but instead upgraded to the 5s; I also invested in a pretty new cover.

4 | So it wasn't quite jumping in fallen leaves (as per my Fall Bucket List), but I got to do this on Sunday and I was happier than a pig in sh... I was happy!

5 | I got my first blog hate this week - does this mean I've officially made it as a blogger? Next stop, Buzzfeed!

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Have a great weekend!
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  1. I love buying jammies too; you've reminded me I usually always do that this time of year. Have a great weekend Laura and thanks for stopping by to share about your job as a writer. I enjoyed hearing about it. Also, as for the blog hate, my mom always tells me stuff like that is always a reflection of the other person, not you.