Friday, 3 October 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, peeps!
I'm off work today (yay) and I'm up, dressed and online before 9am; I'm not sure I know who I am any more! I've always been a night owl you see, so constantly struggled to get up in a morning, but for some reason, today was different; I'm not gonna question it though, I'm just gonna take advantage and get a few blog posts for next week written.

Anyway, as usual, I'm linking up with Lauren to share with you my highlights from the past week...

1 | I guess I have to start with my day off - who doesn't love a four-day working week?! As I said, I'm gonna do some blogging this morning, then I'm headed into town this afternoon on the hunt for a cardigan I'm not sure exists (and you can guarantee, because I know what I want, I won't find it). 

2 | Yesterday there were three bits of Supernatural news released (an ep.1 sneak peek, photos for ep.2 and the synopsis for ep3), which pushed my excitement levels into overdrive; I cannot wait for Wednesday morning next week!!

3 | Talking of TV for next week, Arrow returns with season 3 and The Flash starts; I hope you're all going to watch! Have any of you watched Gotham yet? I've seen the first episode and while I didn't love it, I was entertained for 48 minutes - and it was awesome to see Ben McKenzie on TV again! UK readers please note, Channel 5 have now announced their air date for Gotham here.

4 | I made the decision this week that I'm finally going to sign up for a Netflix account, so guess what I'm doing on Saturday night :) In other Netflix news, I hope those of you who love Gilmore girls as much as I do saw this this past week #accurate

5 | How awesome has the weather been this past week? I actually got to wear my flip flops on Sunday!! It's hard to believe it's really October, although there is that chill in the wind that wasn't there before, and I love it! September and October are two of my favourite months of the year, so I'm loving life right now!

(Wow, I talked a lot about TV today, eh?!)
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Happy weekend!
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  1. You will not be disappointed at all that you signed up for Netflix!! It's so awesome and addicting. I've done Orange is the new black already and now we are on the second season of House of Cards. Its AMAZING!!!! Enjoy :)

  2. you're going to love netflix! the original programming is amazing...and gilmore girls has arrived. :)