Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#Blogtober14: If you won the lottery...

I know exactly what I would do if I won a chunk of dosh on the Lotto.
Firstly, and most sensibly, I'd pay off my mortgage!

Secondly, I'd book Hubs and me onto the first available flight to Washington State (WA) to see my beautiful blogging bestie, Kelly.

Thirdly, after spending a few weeks with Kelly, we'd fly off for some fun in LA, San Francisco and finally Vancouver where I would stalk the Supernatural sets and filming! It's my next big 'dream' holiday and winning the lotto would give me all the money I needed to make this dream a reality. 

Obviously, I'd also treat my family and close friends to holidays, homes or cars, depending on what they needed and whatever I could get away with buying for them without them being taxed on it #damnyouHMRC 

I'd also do a few other things with my millions that I'm not going to share - just cross your fingers I win sometime soon and then I can blog about all the amazing things this money would allow me to do! #youknowitmakessense

Helene in Between

What would you do with your first million if you won big on the lotto?
Happy Hump Day, blogland!
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