Monday, 27 October 2014

Birthday Fun

Yesterday marked the end of a chapter in my life...
the end of my 20's. I'm now officially part of the 30-club and so far, things are great, not much different to my 20's, but 
with the added bonus of the hopes and dreams of a full decade of life in front of me :)
The birthday celebrations actually began on Saturday evening, with a ma-hoo-sive Indian takeaway, followed by chocolates (a gift from our neighbours for cat sitting for the past week). 
After a slow moving shower, because I was so totally full, Hubs and I climbed into bed and watched Frozen #rocknroll

Sunday 26th October 2014 began in the best possible way... presents

I got a beautiful Michael Kors watch and some yellow Converse trainers from Hubby

My parents gave me the money to buy a new lens for our dSLR camera and other relatives and friends were very generous, giving me money, toiletries, chocolates and nail polish. I don't think I've ever had so many cards! It was a great start to my birthday.

After getting dressed, we headed out to Frankie and Benny's for a birthday breakfast, which was delicious and, for just £14 for two breakfasts and unlimited tea and coffee, you can't go wrong; I'd highly recommend it, especially for special occasions! 

With full bellies, we headed to our local out-of-town shopping centre where I bought some brown ankle boots, 
another Essie nail polish and a gold necklace :)

The best part of the day came when my immediate family (my parents, my brother & his girlfriend, and my in-laws) got together to enjoy a meal (a carvery at a new local restaurant that was PACKED), followed by chocolate birthday cake #thebestkind 

Hubs and I ended the day at home, snuggled on the sofa #perfect

I had a fantastic day and received well wishes from so many friends and family members; 
So far, 30 is treating me extremely well and isn't anywhere near as scary as I anticipated :)

Happy Monday, friends
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