Thursday, 9 October 2014

An autumn home

If you didn't know by now, I love autumn. 
I love walking in fallen leaves. I love wearing jackets and scarves. I love the smell in the air and the cool breeze on my face. I love everything about autumn, and one of my favourite things to do is get the house cosy, ready for the onset of low temperatures and the wind, rain and occasional snow of winter!

Every year, around the end of September/beginning of October, I try to walk around my home with a fresh pair of eyes to identify what can be put away until spring, such as flip flops, summer duvets and flower vases. Each room then gets a top-to-toe clean (I've been a little lax this year and not every room has been cleaned), before the autumn/winter essentials, such as throws, wellies and winter duvets, come out. If you do it room by room, your whole house can be done in a couple of weekends and then you can sit back and enjoy your hard work, safe in the knowledge that you're ready for whatever winter throws at you...

This is what my house looks like during the summer months:

And this is how it looks now that autumn has arrived (and winter is just on the horizon):
Here are my top ten tips for getting your home ready for autumn, and winter:
  1. Get your boiler/central heating system checked out – it’s cheaper to pay to have it inspected for any problems before one arises; a burst pipe or broken down boiler can cost hundreds of pounds to fix, and you’ll be without heating and hot water until the problem can be solved.
  2. Stock up on kindling for your fire or wood burner – make a feature out of empty fireplaces by filling them with logs.
  3. Use a bowl to store autumnal finds (such as conkers and pine cones) from walks with your children.
  4. Store the emergency numbers of friends/family and energy providers in a safe place, such as on the fridge or notice board – hopefully you won’t need them but if you do, you’ll be grateful you have them easily to hand in an emergency.
  5. If you have kids, it's a great idea to start a rainy day cupboard, full of rainy-day games, colouring books, and drawing paper to keep little ones entertained on those days when they can’t venture outside.
  6. If you can't go months without a spot of flora in your home then why not invest in an artificial flower arrangement (don’t forget to buy fake foliage to bulk out your display) that'll see you through those barren winter months!
  7. Clean out gutters, remembering to use a hose to spray water down the downspouts to clear away debris – if your home is particularly surrounded by trees, consider having leaf guards installed.
  8. Spend an afternoon in the garden planting spring flowering bulbs – the arrival of spring and the splash of colour these bulbs will bring in 2015 is sure to pick you up out of your winter sadness.
  9. Wash windows inside and out – this will make the job much easier come spring if you’ve only got to wash away six months of scum, rather than a year’s worth of build up.
  10. Pack away all tools and garden furniture and invest in a door mat to wipe your feet on in order to keep as much of the world outside rather than in your home.
What do you alter around your home as the seasons change?
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  1. Love your decorations! ^_^ and your tips are great too! xx