Thursday, 16 October 2014


October is my birthday month, however this October isn't any old birthday month. 
It's the month I turn 30!

I remember the run up to Hubby's 30th birthday; I was constantly reassuring him that he wasn't old and that 30 was the new 20 and all that jazz, but now I'm here myself... well, let's just say there's a lot of reassurance coming my way! 

I remember fondly turning 20; at the time, I was upset at no longer being a teenager - I told people I was going to say I was 'twenteen' (fyi: I never did)! But, six months or so into being twenty, I wasn't even thinking about my age! I was looking forward to turning 21 and graduating from university! It was early days for Hubby and me, but I think I knew, somewhere deep inside, that he was the one! As far as I was concerned my twenties were treating me well; they have continued to treat me well.

In the last ten years I have fallen in love, graduated from uni, got a 'real' job, bought a house, got married and travelled (albeit not as extensively as I might have liked); I cannot complain about how much fun my life has been since turning 20.

But there are only 10 days left until I turn 30.

So, why does 30 feel old? 

I know logically it's not, and I also know that I'm perfectly happy with my life (even if I do have numerous dreams for a new home), so why does turning 30 fill me with such dread and a sense of 'time ticking away'? 

Is it because I don't have children yet (something I'm perfectly happy with btw)? 

Is it because we're not in our 'forever home'? 

Is it because I feel like I can no longer throw caution to the wind (like I ever even did that before 30 #oldsoul) and act crazy, blaming it on a youthful indiscretion?

I don't know why turning 30 feels old and I'm sure that in ten years time, when I turn 40 (eeekk!), I will laugh at 29-year-old Laura, because she has no idea what the next ten years hold for her.

And maybe that's it!

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  1. Don't worry, thinking about being 30 is definitely worse than actually being 30! Apart from that first hour when you wake up on your birthday... Just kidding! Turning 30 is actually great because you get to do special birthday stuff - I mean how often do you get to do a murder mystery on Halloween? - and when it's all over you won't feel different anyway.

    But just remember, in dog years you're already dead ;)

  2. I have a lot of things on this list in common with you, but I think the hardest part about turning 30 for me is because it feels like it symbolizes the end of your reckless and wild, more childish phases and the beginning of "mature adulthood". Making big decisions like what schools to send your kid(s) to, bigger mortgages, etc. Even though our 20s had big decisions and moments too (getting married! buying a house!) I feel like maybe there was less expected of us in a way than there will be in our thirties. But I think our thirties will be just as special and memorable as our twenties, they'll just be a little different and the unknown can be so scary sometimes. Happy almost birthday! It will be very special, as you are, I'm sure.