Monday, 1 September 2014

Things I love, and things I hate, about September

Happy September 1st, blogland!
I'm pretty excited that today is September 1st; 
it means that it's the unofficial first day of autumn, my favourite season!

The arrival of September might bring a touch of sadness for some people, what with it being the end of summer and all, but, for me, it brings excitement. Excitement for autumn, excitement for my birthday (56 days to go) and excitement for the beginning of the countdown to Christmas (my favourite holiday)!!

September sees a change in temperatures, especially around these parts, so it means I can start wearing boots, jumpers, leggings and all things cosy again without melting. Come October, I hope I'll be wearing a scarf on a daily basis, although I am hearing rumblings that we're set to bask in glorious sunshine this month - suppose it makes up for the crappy August we endured!

Talking of all things cosy, I love changing things in my home come September; I love putting away summer jackets and flip flops and fetching out the hats, scarves and gloves, as well as the winter coats, ready for the wet and windy weather. I also love digging out draught excluders and cosy throws and buying new candles for cosy nights in, while the wind howls around the house outside! 

September is a favourite month, personally; it's the month Hubby and I went on our first date (10 years ago this year), it's the month that we got engaged (28th Sept 2007) and it's the month we chose to tie the knot (25th Sept 2010), so it's pretty special to us :)

The only thing I really hate about September is that it doesn't boast any more time off work, something I've enjoyed since April (Easter, May Bank Holidays, annual leave, a closed office and the August Bank Holiday); I've gotta work a full month and I don't like it! 

What do you love most about September?
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