Monday, 15 September 2014

The weekend parent

How is it Monday already? 
My weekend flew by, yet I feel physically and emotional exhausted! I guess that's what you get for offering to babysit an insanely active, know-it-all five year old. Yep, Hubs and I had Leighton from Friday evening until yesterday evening and, man, do we know about it! That boy kept us on our toes and has left us feeling like we aged a decade overnight; I have no 
clue how you full-time parents do it!

Anyway, because my brain isn't working that well yet this morning, here are some photos from our fun-filled weekend...

Gorse Hill City Farm, Leicester
After a tea of fish fingers, chips and beans, which brought back all kinds of childhood memories, we settled in and watched Frozen, before collapsing into bed! Sunday morning saw another early rise, but Hubs gave me a couple of hours off by taking Leighton swimming :) #hesakeeper

Before handing Leighton back to his mother, we went for our usual Sunday afternoon stroll with my mum and Izzy...

As much as we love this little dude, we were more than happy to hand him back 
and go back to being his Aunt and Uncle!

Have a great week, peeps!
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  1. I once watched the kids I nannied for during the week for a whole (day and night) weekend. I remember thinking, this is frickin crazy. By the end of it all I couldn't wait to go home even though I was used to watching the kids and really liked them. I'm hoping it's different with your own kids like everyone says (scared face emoji). How nice of you to take him for the weekend, though. I'm sure his time with both of you was very special for him and he will remember it fondly.