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The Life of Bon Book Club: September

No, your eyes do not deceive you, I am indeed posting on a Saturday!
I'm actually playing catch up; the beautiful Bon posted her book review on Wednesday, and because I was crazy busy at work this week I'm only now having time to write and post my review of September's book...
I read this book whilst soaking up the sun in Barcelona back in July, and overall I enjoyed it - it was quick and easy to read, making it the perfect poolside book, although I do have a few complaints #standard

Firstly, I have to agree with Bonnie; it really bugged me that the author kept reminding me that Eleanor wasn't 'pretty' and was 'overweight', and Park (in comparison) was so well turned out, to the point of being 'perfect'; I think it would have made more sense for the book to have been written from Eleanor's POV and then I could have got passed the 'perfectness' of Park and the 'unattractiveness' of Eleanor - it'd be her thoughts and feelings, but as it is, it doesn't quite work for me. Secondly, what actually happens?! Eleanor and Park fall in love and then she moves away and they never see one another again - what is that about?!

I sometime wonder if I'm too old now (at almost 30) to be reading YA novels, but then I think, surely a good YA novel should take me back to being 16 again, it should make me remember teenage nerves and the lack of confidence that comes with being unsure of who you are and what you can, and can't, say. 

I digress.

Book Club Discussion Questions:

Did you like the book?  
Overall, I would say yes I did, however I suspect that it might have more to do with the location in which I read it; sunning myself by the pool in Barcelona was the perfect place to read this book. I suspect that if I'd read it elsewhere (like a rainy cold day at home or on the bus) then my enjoyment would have been affected significantly. 

Did you find their ill fated relationship to be sweet?  Believable? 
I guess I found it a little unbelievable that someone as 'perfect' as Park would fall for someone as 'imperfect' as Eleanor, but it was nice to imagine that the perfect guy would fall for the imperfect girl (as Bonnie said, don't all 'normal' teenage girls dream of getting an absolutely amazing guy). However, I did find their interactions sweet; it made me smile to think of Park being respectful and trying to calm down his hormones when around Eleanor. 

The one interaction between characters that I did find sweet, was when Park's mum realised who Eleanor was and made more of an effort with her, not only because her son liked Eleanor but because she understood more about Eleanor's life than Park ever would.

Did the language bother you? 
As I'm always dropping the f-bomb, the language didn't bother me in the slightest. I don't have much contact with today's 16 year olds, but I remember being 16 myself and, although I guess I do swear more now than I did then, I did swear, so I actually find books about teenagers with little or no swearing more unbelievable than those books when every character is 'f-ing and jeff-ing'.

Tune in tomorrow for my Blogger2Blogger Book Club post about Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman.
Happy Saturday!
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  1. Laura I totally agree with you on the part where Park's mom realizes the background that Eleanor comes from and starts to be nicer to her. I loved seeing that glimpse of Park's mom's background and I wish Rowell would have developed it even further. She was such a great character, I thought. I wanted more of her. Thanks so much for joining in!