Wednesday, 3 September 2014

People who are cooler than me

To be fair, this should probably just be a one-word post...


However, I wanna give you some specifics, just because I'm nice like that; 
so without further ado, let me present to you just a handful of people who are so much cooler than I am...

1. Women who can walk in heels
Seriously, they should totally teach girls this stuff at school; not all of us are blessed with older sisters or cool aunts who can teach us all the stuff we need to know to look like cool, sophisticated women! I don't think having flat feet helps matters though :( #damnDNA

2. People who can keep house plants alive
I've actually lost count of the number of pretty house plants, mostly orchids, that I've killed over the last seven years; I've given up on house plants and plan to stick to freshly cut, technically already dead, flowers from now on! 

3. People to whom styling comes naturally
Whether it's their home, their fashion sense or the way they wrap gifts, people who naturally have 'the eye' (as I like to call it) will always be cool in my book; I'm also slightly jealous, albeit less so since discovering Pinterest ;)

4. Whoever created this meme
'cuz that shit is funny! I wish I had the wit to create decent memes; although I am cool enough to know how meme is pronounced (and it's not me-me) *insert proud smiling emoji here*

5. Anyone who genuinely has their shit together
'cuz we all know I don't!

Happy hump day, dudes!
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  1. OMG I LOVE THIS POST!!! #2 made me literately laugh out loud. All the plants at my house are fake. My mom called a few months ago and this was our conversation:

    Mom: What are you up to?
    Me: Just dusting my plants.
    Mom: Oh! I need to do that too, thanks for reminding me!

    Apparently it's genetic...

    1. Hahaha it's funny you say that about it being genetic; my mum has plants she has actively tried to kill but they won't die. I should just borrow them for a week or two :) xx