Friday, 19 September 2014

High Five for Friday

What is this sorcery? 
How the frig is Friday going so quickly? I'm normally written and published by now, but the day is just getting away from me! So this is gonna be as quick as I can; you know the drill by now...

1 | Babysitting went well last weekend; you can read all about it, and see some cute photos, here.

2 | Hubs and I are preparing for a busy weekend. We're restoring a original Georgian fireplace in our bedroom, so on Wednesday night, we bought all the stuff we need #wishusluck

3 | Despite complaining about all the books I have to read, I picked up two new books at the library on Tuesday, including this, which I am so excited to read...

4 | I'm off to see my bestie tonight; she's moving down south #sob but in order to move, she has to get rid of some of her clothes, so guess who gets first pick of her dresses :)

5 | Finally, and probably most sadly (that's totally a phrase), I won the weekly quiz at work this week, with 16 out of 16 - oh yeah, who 's the brainy kid at the front of class, why that'd be me! #boom #ineedtogetoutmore

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Peace out!
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  1. Found you through the H54F link up! Can't wait to see the results of your fireplace! I don't have one right now, and my next house is definitely going to have one!