Friday, 12 September 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, bitches!
How has your week been? Mine's been pretty good; here are the highlights...

1 | I bought these a couple of weeks ago but last Saturday was the first time we got to try them because it's my mother-in-law who has the Tassimo machine. They were delicious :)

2 | My beautiful blogging bestie did the kindest and most generous thing and posted me, from America, her unused Kindle, so I could join her and September's #blog2blogBC. How amazing is that?! She really is awesome and you should all go check out her blog now and tell her I sent you :)
3 | After being lazy for the last four weeks (hangs head in shame), I actually went to the gym twice this week and actually killed it (for me) both times, so much so that I'm struggling to walk normally today after last night's session! #gome

4 | On Sunday, my mum gave me some of her home grown tomatoes, so on Monday I made a delicious tomato pasta sauce! I was pretty impressed with my efforts and Hubs woofed the pasta down so all-in-all I'm calling this one a win!

5 | Hubby and I are babysitting this weekend (tonight until 5pm-ish on Sunday) so any spare luck you can send our way would be greatly appreciated and much needed! 

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Have a great weekend, peeps!
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