Monday, 8 September 2014


Once upon a time, on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday evening, 
a little boy was born...
Less than 24 hours old, with a proud Uncle Tom

Over the next few years, this little boy 
would grow, develop and learn...
Christmas 2009
The 'Uncle Fester' phase - February 2010
One Year Old - September 2010
Dressed as an elf - Christmas 2010
June 2011
Two Years Old - September 2011
Reading the newspaper - April 2012
Three Years Old - September 2012
With nursery's 'holiday bear' - July 2013
Four Years Old - September 2013
Poser - Christmas 2013
Practising what he's learnt at dancing - May 2014 become the all-knowing, quirky five-year-old 
I know and love today!
First day of school - 1st September 2014
Happy fifth birthday, Leighton Jacob!
Lots of love from Auntie Laura & Uncle Tom 

Where does the time go?!
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